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The BARギコっぽい 4koma, originally written and illustrated by Hentai Neko' [変態ねこ’], translated to English by American Fatty. [これはAmerican Fattyによる英語への「変態っぽい」の翻訳です]


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Oof, Fatty needs to get back on track.

LOL the number of users who view this must...really have dropped as I haven't updated in a while. I finished my finals 2 weeks ago, but strangely enough, I'm bogged down with like 3 other activities. XD Anyway, I've got like one comic from Hentai Neko I still need to update, then I need to go and get some more 4komas to translate.

Sitting at home and doing nothing is much harder than one thinks, folks.
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[#8 - Study!!]

Long story short: I'll be gone for exams for a little while. Until then, check out the next best thing since Gikopoi. AA Outbreak!!
You saw the trailer at Project Macchi. Now live the true 2chfight experience. Only less than 1/3 of the characters have been implemented but in the final you'll have like over 40 characters, including Nida and Cockle. This game is simply. Freaking. Awesome. One word of advice -- download the whole AA OUTBREAK package in the ZIP and then play it on your computer. It goes a lot faster.

*This week coming is really kind of tough for me.
It's the week of my final exams! Three tests in three days, back-to-back! It's grueling! And it's about time I start studying! So you won't see me around until Thursday or so when tests are over. I know that's a long time but I've got a couple 4komas to post already and you know, there's always the original Hentaippoi. Anyway, see you for the time being. Wish me luck on my tests! I need it (ノД`)

3日(背中合わせの)間の3つのテスト!それは厳しいです!そして、私が勉強し始めてもいいころです!それで、あなたは木曜日またはそうテストが終わっている時まで私をその辺で見かけません。私はそれが長い間であるということを知っています、しかし、私はすでに郵送する2 4コマを持っています、そして、あなたは知っています、原物の変態っぽいが常にあります。とにかく、しばらくの間ではまた。私のテストで私の運を祈ってください!私はそれを必要とします。(ノД`)

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[#7 - Magic♪Giko]

Today I'm supposed to get more 4komas.
Yay for not studying for finals and translating comics instead!
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William Tell

William Tell

[#6 - William Tell]

Anyone besides me realize that William Tell has horrible aim here?
Well, it seems that I've actually translated all of the 4komas given to me. Guess what that means? Time to get another batch! =3
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Don't Think. Drink!

Don't Think.  Drink!

[#5 - Don't Think. Drink!]
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